LMT5256TXF Slurry Seal Equipment

1. The rear long-distance speed control device installed in the slurry seal equipment makes the construction go smooth and easy.
2. The emulsified asphalt tank and water tank are made of the corrosion-resistant composite materials to prolong their service life.
3. It is powered by the hydraulic drive system. The various systems are controlled independently so that there is no energetic disturbance to make sure the stable operation of this system.
4. The double shaft powerful agitator tank does not allow any dead corners and would clean the dead corners to make sure the mixture evenly distributed.

Technical Parameters
Category Item Unit Parameter
Emulsified Asphalt System Emulsified Asphalt Tank l 2800
Max. Asphalt Flow l/min 250
Water System Water Tank l 2800
Max. Water Flow l/min 300
Aggregate Stone System Aggregate Bin 10
Width of Conveyer Belt mm 650
Aggregate Delivery Capacity kg/min 1700
Cement System Cement Bin 0.5
Cement Delivery Capacity kg/min 60
Model / HFC1251K2R1LZT
Top Speed km/h 98
Rated Power KW /(r/min) 162/2500
Others Outline Dimension of the Whole vehicle (L×W×H) mm 9735×2495×3410
Full Load Weight kg 25000
Curb Weight kg 15200