Rubber Asphalt Sprayer

Brief Introduction
LMT5251GLQ rubber asphalt distributor is assembled with the second class chassis manufactured by CNHTC and the asphalt spray device developed by our company. The asphalt tank body is made of stainless steel and the aluminum silicate is used to be its insulation. The asphalt pump is controlled by the hydraulic system and could stably transmit the asphalt in the secure and reliable way.

Our LMT5251GLQ rubber asphalt distributor is controlled by the computer to finish the whole spray process. Its spray volume confirms to the European standards. In order to make sure the direct spray work from the start, this vehicle adopts the PTO fetching force method. We set two kinds of working conditions in the operation system to ensure that the asphalt could be directly sprayed from the start. The asphalt could be sprayed by using the rear pipeline or manual nozzle.

The asphalt pump and pipeline system could be cleaned by using both the diesel and high pressure air. The pipeline and nozzle are not easily jammed. Its maximum spray width is 6m.

1. The hydraulic pump and asphalt pump are all with optimal property.
2. The asphalt tank has favorable heat insulation performance. Its temperature decreased less than 2℃ each hour.
3. The asphalt goes into the multi-layer filter through the spraying nozzle to ensure the spraying quality.
4. The asphalt is sprayed threefold and its spraying volume is adjustable according to the sprayer traveling speed.
5. The operations for the complete asphalt spray process could be finished in the driving cab.
6. Each nozzle is independently controlled by the computer. The spray width can be regulated at pleasure.
7. There are two sets of operation systems separately in the driving cab and rear operation platform to ensure the reliability of spraying work.
8. The computer control system with modular design features low failure rate and easy maintenance.
9. LMT5251GLQ rubber asphalt distributor has the self-absorption device to move the asphalt from external device to the asphalt tank. There is also a manual nozzle to fill up the part at the subtense angle with asphalt.
10. The heat transfer oil system could simultaneously heat asphalt pump, nozzle and the tank and could also heat individual device. This system could run under the full automatic control.
11. There are two kinds of velocity measurement device available for the LMT5251GLQ rubber asphalt distributor. They are separately infrared impulse sensor and American DICKEY-JOHN speed radar.

Technical Parameter
Item Parameter
Name Asphalt Distributor
Model LMT5251GLQ
Brand Zhetong Brand
Outline Dimension of Complete Vehicle (L/W/H mm) 10500×2496×3350
Tank Capacity (m3/density) 12T (Announcement 13.4/0.7)
Chassis Model ZZ1257M4647C
Chassis Manufacturer CNHTC Jinan Truck Co., Ltd
Vehicle Pattern Flathead 6×4 rear drive
Tire Specification 12.00-20
Approach Angle/ Departure Angle 15°/12°
Engine Rating Power/ Rotation Speed (kw/r/min) 213/2200
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Model Pattern and Category WD615.93 (CNHTC)
Inline 6 cylinder 4-stroke supercharge
Discharge Standard GB17691-2005 (National Ⅲ) GB3847-2005
Seating Capacity (including the driver) 2
Top Speed (km/h) 90
Complete Vehicle Weight (kg) 25000
Rated Load (kg) 8970
Working Speed (km/h) 2.5~10.5
Asphalt Pump Discharge Volume (L/r) 1.85
Max. Spray Width (m) 6
Asphalt Spray Volume (L/m2) 0.3~3.0
Drive System Powered by hydraulic system
Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System (MPa) 20
Heat Preservation Way of Asphalt Pump Heat is preserved through heat transfer oil.
Cleaning Way High pressure air and diesel
  • LMT5251GLQ rubber asphalt distributor at construction site of Harbin Binsonpu Bridge
  • LMT5251GLQ rubber asphalt distributor at the construction site in Heilongjiang